Friday, February 20, 2009

California sunshine, Napa mists, bottling Chardonnay

It's been a topsy-turvy month! We finally had a deluge of rain, and then everything dried up once again. Supposedly we are in for more rain starting Saturday night. I adore rainy Februarys, so here's hoping.

The Symposium for Professional Wine Writers has been taking place at Meadowood the last few days, and I greatly enjoyed reading NY Times wine writer Eric Asimov's "From the Mists of Napa" post:

Greetings from Napa Valley, where, since I arrived on Sunday, I’ve seen nothing but cold rain. You would think this would be a blow to smug Californians, who generally feel that sunshine and warmth are their reward for living in such a beautiful place, but no. When asked about the rain, they to a person feign sincerity and say, “We really needed it.’’

I blushed. That was me in the tasting room last week. I love the commenters who also pled guilty! But no faux sincerity here and I don't think on the part of anyone else. During the downpours, we could see the lovely swirling Napa mists and the green hills from the tasting room, and with tasters from out of town, I fully meant it every time I said we missed the sunshine but absolutely really needed the rain.

Here at the winery, we are bottling 2007 Lot 205 Chardonnay today! Hooray! (we sold out of the 2006 here at the tasting room a few weeks ago)

Winemaker Paul Moser says, "The wine has a supple, lingering mouthfeel and inviting pear/peach flavors filled out by spicy oak, lychee and butterscotch." Yum!

We just tasted it off the bottling line (no bottle shock the first day), and it's fantastic!


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