Monday, August 3, 2009

Everyday Days at the Winery

Once in a while people tasting at the winery will peek into the office, see everyone working (very hard) away, & then turn to me confused, "Why is everyone so busy? Can't you drink wine all day? Isn't it only harvest that much happens?"

Something's always happening. And usually more than several somethings are happening.

There's bottling - when the winemakers decide it's time to rack the wine out of barrel to be bottled (via tanks). It's not just the bottling, though. They have decide on the lots that will be blended together for a final wine, which involves numerous flights of potential blends.

They're prepping barrels, tanks, equipment for harvest.

And checking on grapes, surveying vineyards, talking with the vineyard managers.

Constantly monitoring wine in barrels & in tank - is it ready to go? Is there anything wrong? Testing samples in the lab.

Buying new barrels for harvest. Supplies.

The sales team traveling the country and talking with distributors and stores and restaurants that carry our wine.

Hosting people who've come to taste.

Current information about wines - making sure everyone has the correct, updated information - from vintages to pricing to tasting notes.

Fulfilling orders for wines - making sure our distributors in 46 states and accounts in 16 countries have the wine they need, keeping track of their inventory.

Paperwork. Paperwork. And even more paperwork.

But we also have some very fun opportunities. I shared our C&B Dancing Crow Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc and C&B Pinot Noir with attendees to the National Kidney Foundation's first annual charity polo tournament in Santa Rosa yesterday. We joined other wineries & vendors and had a grand old time in support of a good cause.

I especially enjoyed the Pinot Noir paired with a cheese spread of smoked mozzarella with slow roasted tomatoes. It may even be my new favorite!

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