Thursday, October 8, 2009

October Update - Crush 2009

Our Sauvignon Blanc just finished fermentation:

Enologist Mauricio brought by a sample for us to taste. The two components, the grapefruity, lower Brix lot and the warmer, honey-ed lot, have integrated into a lovely seamless whole. Grower Maile Field wasn't kidding when she told us early in the season that the flavenoids were there and that 2009 might be the best Dancing Crow Vineyard vintage yet.

We'll be racking it off the lees today, and it will go back into the tank until early January, when we'll bottle the wine.

It's cold here. Warehouse temps feel much different in October than in July. The leaves on the trees are changing ... as are the leaves on the Pinot Noir grapevines.

Only a few left-behind grape clusters remain.

The last grapes we will get in are Cabernet Sauvignon: from Mulhner Vineyard in Chiles Valley and several other Napa Valley vineyards.


James Clarke said...

This is a interesting blog. I learn many thinks about wine.

Wine Lover said...

That was an awesome experience. I usually drink only at home and order wines online. I have never been in a grape yard that's why I am always curious about grapes. Thank you for sharing I will be looking forward to your next blog.