Friday, October 17, 2008

Updates from C&B

Harvest is beginning to wrap up ... Vineyard Manager Chris reports he had his first weekend off in ages and promptly got up and showered and got ready to go ... and then realized he didn't have anywhere he had to be.

Winemaker Paul Moser says this has been an unusual vintage - certainly not an ideal one - but everyone is very excited about the quality of the grapes.

After the little bit of rain the other week, it warmed up some here. October in Northern California! There's nothing like it.

Dylan went to Sonoma's Petrified Forest Road (up near Calistoga) and snapped some photos of our Cabernet getting picked:

Those grapes will go into Moser Scharding Cabernet. Winemakers Paul Moser and Rebecca Scharding Steinschriber produce limited release Cabernet and Pinot Noir - depending on the grapes and the vintages. Right now in the tasting room we have their 2004 Cab (part from Petrified Forest Road Vineyard and another from Mulhner Vineyard) and their 2005 Pinot Noir. The next vintage will be 05 Cabs - there will be two - one from PFR and one from Mulhner. So exciting! We tasted the Mulhner today, and it was swoon-worthy.

I'm currently munching on candy corn (yay fall!) and trying to figure out which wine I'm going to take home - something that will go well with football tomorrow. It's a toss up between the Moser Cab and the 2005 Snows Lake Cab. Decisions, decisions!

Happy Friday!

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