Friday, October 31, 2008

What are you going to drink on election night?

I've gotten a few email offers regarding election night wine specials, which I thought were pretty creative.

And I enjoyed this hypothetical blog post about what the candidates would drink.

But that made me wonder - what are people really planning to drink on election night?

So I started informally polling Cartlidge & Browne employees.

Tony Cartlidge told me friends of his are coming over for dinner - they're bringing wine to go with homemade stew. But he also said if things went well, there might be a 1953 Haut Brion.

"I believe that I am going to be drinking Champagne," says winemaker Paul Moser.

Paul confesses that he's not a huge Champagne drinker, but that he has a special bottle picked out - "Mumm de Cramant." It comes from the village of Cramant in France. Paul explains that in France the government sets the kilo cost for grapes, with certain locations setting the standard at 100% of the cost, which others are measured against and therefore receive less money per kilo. The village of Cramant is 100%, and this particular Champagne comes only from Chardonnay grapes.

Brian Clothier, our CFO, says his beverage of choice will be "either Pinot or vodka."

VP of Awesomeness and erstwhile sales analyst Marc Wittenberg continues in the "Either/or" vein: "Either a bottle of bubbly, or a shot of Old Crow."

Dylan, whom you've met in other blog posts, is planning to go with the C&B Snows Lake Cabernet.

Jim Reed, our Director of Operations, says: “Probably a good Zinfandel. A little spicy, a little high alcohol.”

And me? Well, some sort of sparkly bubbles. Perhaps a Schramsberg Blanc de Noirs. I love that their wines have been served in the White House under various administrations and at state functions. Perfect for watching the presidential campaigns wind down and the returns come in.

What is everyone else going to drink on election night?

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